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The Wind of Change

prime minister Harold Macmillan wind of change speech in cape town south African parliament

Changing Winds of 1960

Most of us know that the saying “Wind of Change or Winds of Change” is not a new expression. One of the most familiar examples of this idiom being used was the speech given by the British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan.

February 3, 1960

In different places it takes different forms, but it is happening everywhere. The wind of change is blowing through this continent (Africa), and whether we like it, this growth of national consciousness is a political fact. We must all accept it as a fact, and our national policies must take account of it.

Parliament of South Africa

Harold Macmillan

When he addressed the South African Parliament in Cape Town, a pivotal moment in their history took place. The changing winds signaled an attitude change towards the Apartheid regime. Now the struggle for black nationalism in Africa and the independence movement across the continent was taking root.

Changing Winds of 2020

It seems like yesterday when I was scrolling through fakebook and noticed people chattering about a toilet paper shortage. This would be my awakening to what we now know as the “plandemic” and yes, I’m in that circle. As soon as I started noticing people losing their minds on social media, it instantly drew me in, and I haven’t stopped expressing my opinion on social media since. In some respects, this has been a much-needed distraction from my personal life, however it’s mentally frustrating.

The moment I saw people acting like FOOLS over ass paper (toilet paper), I sensed that something more sinister was a foot. Sheep around the world started losing their minds, flocking to local stores to hoard away rolls upon rolls of toilet paper.

Not only has life changed for me personally, but there are vast transformations trying to take hold in everyone’s lives worldwide. The “sensational syndrome” or what the rest of the world cries the “CORONAVIRUS”, OR “COVID-19”, has and continues to transform all our activities little by little.

I will add, if for one second you think that this will stop here, you’re fooling yourself. This was just a trial, a dry run. An uncomplicated way to understand how the world will behave and react if they pass on what I will call Covid-20. It is a manufactured virus, just like COVID-19, which will kill vibrant, healthy people. Because the evidence is, Sensational Syndrome, or COVID-19, targeted the sick with pre-existing conditions and the aged in higher volumes than it did us healthy individuals.

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Not one of the prediction models was correct. This super “flu” made by the CPC is being sensationalized for a reason. Through fear, the media and world governments are pushing their “Great” Rest of the elitist onto the citizens of the world. Sadly, if we don’t stand FIRM as ONE united human race, there will be dire consequences to face.

Using this man-made virus as a scare tactic. I knew that this was something we were being lied to about by world leaders and professionals. It amazes me how so many people still blindly believe it, but those like myself who believe any different, they too probably are being censored on popular social media sites such as Twitter and Pinterest.

There is a bigger scheme at work here, whatever the reason might be. One that we are being misled about. See this over here. While we focus on this over here. It’s a ploy that our government plays over and over. I’ve said enough already. You can keep your new trendy face diaper, I refuse.

Blown Away by Options

Like the winds of change, I moved my journal from WordPress.com to WordPress.org.  The goal? To have more control over what my journal looked like.  Once I LEARNED THE DIFFERENCE between the two, I was hooked.  The unpleasant side of being hooked is that with so much control and so many options, it has prevented me from writing.

Blown away by the wind, a girl with long hair spinning like a helicopter
The Wind of Change

The pleasantries from having so many options are two-fold.  One, it forced me to study and learn.  Knowledge is Power, and that puts a fire in me to go back to school.  Second, the time flew by and now I sit here two months later OK with not having to text Nicholas back if he texts me.  Which he did.  More on that soon.   

I also learned about website security and internet security. While surfing the web, I discovered a live map of cyber threats and found it shocking. I stumbled upon a cyber war occurring between the United States and China when I found this map. You can see the various attacks on the map at HTTPS://THREATMAP.BITDEFENDER.COM/ .

Let the Wind Blow You This Way

Let the winds blow you this way with all these winds flowing.  Let them blast you into my corner of cyberspace, where I communicate my emotions and ideas to you.  Sadly, one day we won’t be able to enjoy this right unless we stand against the GLOBALISTS. It seems their first goal is to separate us.  We all possess our own unique views, and the wonderful part about the country I love is that everybody can say those opinions, no matter what they are.

The day will come where this will no longer be the case.  When a prominent social media site censors me, who is a nobody, then they are editing God knows how many people. Just because we have conflicting views of what they hold.

I have always heard that opinions are like assholes.  How? Because we all have one.  You have your point of view and I have mine. 

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