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Born October 11th 1975 in a small township in Missouri. Reared by a stay at home mom and a furniture factory working step dad. With three siblings plus myself all my parents could afford was a simple existence, but, I wouldn’t exchange those days with anyone or for nothing. I’m second to the oldest child with an older sister πŸ‘§ three years my senior. A brother πŸ‘¦ three years younger than me, and our baby sister πŸ‘Ά three years younger than my brother. Twenty days after my twenty-first birth on Halloween πŸŽƒ 1996 we suffered the loss of our precious mother. Our lives were altered instantly. Nothing for me has been normal since. I've found a "new" normal yet it's nowhere near the same. When 2020 began, I felt my mother was extremely near and she hasn't left. It will be soon and I'll be in her arms again.

Only For The Chance

legal kidnapping by government for profit only for the chance entry
Dr. MLKJ said it best. "Our Lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter" When searching for the imagery for this entry, I became sick. It's a disgrace that they claim to protect the children, then under the surface of lies and mistrust do something evil, sick, and twisted with them all for a profit.

I Dodged A Bullet

Feature Image for I dodged a bullet Graphic is a gun firing a bullet
Dodging bullets is not an easy thing to realistically achieve. However, I've carefully managed to dodge two of them already this miserable year. First with Mark, now with Ricardo. We both knew we undoubtedly had an up hill battle if we genuinely wanted to be together. We each admittedly had an obstacle, mine being emotional, and his being obligational. All it would merely take was one of us being unable to cope adequately with the other's specific situation, and it would be over. Not surprisingly, he quit and gave up.

Evanescing Emotions

Swirling Smoke with butterflies fluttering about on a black back ground. The smoke represents evanescing into thin air.
After a two day relentless flood of excessive emotions and pent-up feelings, I evanesced into a world of technology and optimization. The familiar sound of a voice which caused the wound on my heart to bleed yesterday, happened to be the same sound today that comforted me. Why did William . . .