Nadia’s Journal

  • Ringmaster Of My Circus
    Am I suffering from writer’s block or an emotional block? Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to my three ring circus.
  • Emotionally Discombobulated
    Today would of been my mother’s 65th Birthday if she were still with us. . .
  • Enough Is Enough
    My heart simply won’t let go doing it any other way, so it’s back to what works for me. As harsh as it may be, it’s what I must do to preserve who I am on the inside.
  • All Wrapped Up
    Like a warm blanket wrapped around my body, when I read his poem I felt a very specific feeling. Now I’m hopeful that. . .
  • Only For The Chance
    Dr. MLKJ said it best. “Our Lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter” When searching for the imagery for this entry, I became sick. It’s a disgrace that they claim to protect the children, then under the surface of lies and mistrust do something evil, sick, and twisted with them all for a profit.
  • When I’m Ready
    Within two bleak days my entire emotional core would be snuffed out. Causing me to feel like. . . .
  • It Is What It Is
    Honestly, I believe I’ve had enough of the vicious emotional games that most ghastly men try to play. From the foolish ones, those who think it’s okay for them to behave a certain way. . . .
  • Powerful
    Yet again, no response when I reached out to Nicholas. What we once had was powerful and . . . .
  • I Dodged A Bullet
    Dodging bullets is not an easy thing to realistically achieve. However, I’ve carefully managed to dodge two of them already this miserable year. First with Mark, now with Ricardo. We both knew we undoubtedly had an up hill battle if we genuinely wanted to be together. We each admittedly had an obstacle, mine being emotional, and his being obligational. All it would merely take was one of us being unable to cope adequately with the other’s specific situation, and it would be over. Not surprisingly, he quit and gave up.

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